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Nootropics are smart drugs that are purported to improve memory, creativity or cognitive function in healthy individuals. Considering many substances are said to be enhancing cognition, research is still underway to determine the effects of these substances. Ethics and the effects of their use are some of the controversial issues that have been raised by the use of these cognition-enhancing drugs by healthy people. The type of cognitive enhancing normally used widely is the stimulant such as the caffeine and is normally used by students. In as much as the nootropics can receive any resistance, they actually do have positive things that help the individual brain.

There are short terms benefits and long terms benefits of the nootropics to the brain when they are used in various ways. Nootropics helps in memory enhancing as it improves the brain structure especially the brain cell membranes to enhance memory performance. The cognitive enhancing drugs come in handy for people who look forward to enhancing their moods including depressions and stress. This is because moods are normally strongly linked to the brain function and these can be improved by enhancing brain functions such as poor stress resistance. Nootropics are also energy boosters as they help in blood flow to the brain which supplies oxygen and strengthens the brain resistance to stress.

Cognitive enhancing drugs are normally used to enhance attention and to help one focus on one thing in the case of studying or doing any competitive work. Maintaining focus on a disturbed background, having classic multitasking ability and being able to switch from task to task seamlessly are some of the benefits of using cognitive enhancing drugs. cognition and sleep are enhanced on the use of cognitive enhancing drugs because sleep and optimal brain performance have been discovered to be linked in a higher aspect. The reason as to why users cannot get enough of the cognitive enhancing drugs is because the drug helps in enhancing a relaxed mind helps in bringing the onset of sleep itself.

Stress cannot deteriorate mental performance in short-term but will always have an effect in the metal burnout and fatigue in the long term, this is reduced by nootropics strengthening the body resistance to stress and replenishing some brain chemicals. Maintaining a clear kind and thinking through stressful exams is normally challenging to students and this can be achieved by the use of a cognitive enhancing drug. Creativity such as mood and focus are enhanced by certain brain functions which are enhanced by the use of nootropics.

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