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Tips for Getting a Proper Passport Photo

There are a lot of identification cards and the passport is one of them. A passport is a travel document that contains identifying information of the bearer such as a photograph, a name, age, date of birth and a lot more.

You will not be aghast by this. Passports are actually more than just a piece of identification. This important document is needed for you to be able to travel to other countries. It is a way for the authorities to track your destination while checking your identification and nationality. They have to make sure that the passport is really yours by checking if the one in the photo is really you, along with your name, birth date, and the place of origin.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of monkey business in the industry today for fake passports. There are also a lot of people who are faking their applications by pretending to be somebody else. This results to the rigid requirements when acquiring a passport photo. Their requirements are really strict compared to other identification cards like government identification cards as well as your company identification card. This step is necessary to serve the purpose of the passport which is to be able to identify the owner.

You need to have a photo that is clear and of good quality, and it should really look like you. Therefore you should avoid having problems with your photo. In case there will be an issue with your photo,it will surely cause a problem with your passport application later on.

Do you have a particular picture in mind that you are planning to use for your passport? You may be able to do that provided that the picture conforms with all the necessary requirements of a proper passport picture. If this is your first passport, you have to know that the proper passport picture is two inches in length as well as in width. It has to be colored with a white background and the paper that you will use should be thin photo stock. When you are printing your photo, make sure that it is using the continuous tone. The photo should be left as it is therefore there should be no retouching, no editing of any kind and no enhancing that is to be done to the photo.

There are still more rules to follow even if your photo will be able to meet the requirements. Are there any shadows showing at the back of your head? To measure your photo, you should make sure that your eye height hit the center of the photo between 1 1/8 inches to 1 3/8 inches from the bottom of the photo. The background should be plain white without any items showing. The expression of your face should remain natural therefore you are not allowed to show a lot of teeth and you are not to wear any jewelry, not even earrings.

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