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Basic Info To Note Regarding Mancala Board Games

You need to worry about the right age of playing board games since everyone can play it. This is the kind of game that is not intricate, and people can easily improve their skills at playing it. In a slow day, playing board games will make the long day seem shorter. Some of the most common board games played nowadays include Sudoku, curses, mancala, and cribbage.

Mancala is a kind of game that is guaranteed of providing the needed entertainment to any age group. You will sharpen your wits by playing mancala for several hours. Playing Mancala will not be hectic since regardless of where you are, you can get out your board and have fun. There are those individuals, regardless of their efforts, who will not get the official mancala game; they will, in turn, create an identical version of the game and play it.

Mancala is a board game that comprises of 14 cups. Twelve of these cups are usually put in the middle part of a board. These middle cups are smaller in size compared to the others at the ends. On the right and left end sides of the board are the larger cups. The game is played by the player taking a cup and spreading seeds in an anticlockwise motion. The game can begin on either of the sides and it can progress to such a point that a player will plant their seeds in the opponent’s cup.

The fun will not, however, end here. After a player reaches the bigger cup on the side of the board, they are allowed to drop a seed in it. The player who drops the most seeds at the end of the game will be the one who will be crowned the winner.

Usually, mancala will be over after the small cup lacks seeds inside. The game will be over after the person with many Mancala in the large cups has been identified. Either way, getting to this level will require good mathematical skills and strategy for players. Knowing how to count is the first step towards success in Mancala. The elementary school level of education does produce very good players.

The people who wish to add a little fun in their lives should consider playing Mancala. In place of the seeds placed in cups, you can use stone pebbles or coins, and you will enjoy your game. You should not worry about the design of the board since it is not a significant feature in the game; counting is.

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