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What the IAS Exam is all about and What you should do to be Adequately Prepared

It is an experience of great value to serve your country. People usually equate service to the state to joining the military. But there exist many routes to serving and uplifting your country. One way is to become a civil servant. This is the opportunity that the IAS offers to the citizens of India. The IAS is encompassed in the executive arm of government and serves as the administrative section of all Indian services. If recruited as an officer for the IAS, you can be stationed in various parts to execute varied public sector works. To join the IAS is to a degree a tall order. The only route in is being part of one of the most globally competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC. I am talking about the IAS examinations and this article is all about them.

A good starting point is the payout of the exams. The IAS exam takes a format involving three stages. The preliminary, main exam and interview stages are the three levels I am talking about. The preliminary exam is essentially a screening test comprising two papers of objective type. You must pass these two papers to get a shot at the main exam. Nonetheless, your ranking here will not be accounted for in the overall marks. The main examination comprises nine papers with an essay feel to the questions. The interview is a personality test in is hence executed face-to-face as the final hurdle to getting your dream public service job. Your score in the main exam and interview will dictate your posting plus personal preferences.

Next on the list is the eligibility issue. After all you can’t do an exam that you are not qualified for. Fundamentally, one has to be an Indian citizen as stipulated by exam rules with its various subsections and considerations. Educationally, you must be a holder of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution or have professional qualification accepted by the government. As well, you must take the qualifying exams. There is also an age limit set, with a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 32 years at play.

Finally, let us consider the issue of preparation. Needless to say, the IAS exams need plenty of practice and preparation. Most experts out there state that you need at least ten to twelve months of thorough preparation to sail through the IAS exams. The high competition involved means that the examinee will need to come up with a new strategy in order for them to pass. Be qualitative and quantitative in your approach.

Why not learn more about Help?

Why not learn more about Help?

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