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The Use of Reusable Cotton Pads – The Good Things That Come From It

Experts claim that one of the least discussed topics and subject which should be talked about these days is menstruation and the types of pads that should be used by women during these particular days of the month. There is a big possibility that the reason behind this is because, in the past, women only use cloth pads to deal with their menstruation. Commercialization was not that much of a big deal back then, and women are happy and satisfied with the simple cotton pads they use. Not only that, there goes the fact that problems such as skin rashes, infections as well as menstrual cramps were relatively less common before. Fast-forward to today’s time, in which, due to the demand for convenience and ease to carry, there are now tons of synthetic menstrual pads in the market. The rise of synthetic menstrual pads is a way to liberate and modernize women of today. However, we fail to realize that the use of synthetic and disposable menstrual products are not good for our health as well as the environment. This information lead us to realize that the use of reusable cotton pads is beneficial one way or another. In order for you to understand the things we mentioned here, we will present a list of advantages that the use of reusable cotton pads have to offer.

Among the finest advantages that using reusable cotton pads, have to offer is the reduction of thrush, rashes, and allergies on the skin. What makes reusable cotton pads different from synthetic menstrual pads is the fact that the latter is known for promoting the growth of fungal infections and germs in humid areas, while the former discourages such developments on the skin through their soft nature, preventing skin irritation and other complications to arise.

There are other advantages that using reusable cotton pads have to offer like reducing the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. When we say Toxic Shock Syndrome, we are referring to a kind of fatal disease which was identified initially in the year nineteen eighty, and was linked to the use of sanitary pads that are super-absorbent, and tampons as well, as they are made from viscose rayon. The said disease is known for targeting young girls,particularly with how their immunity is not as strong during the early years of their menstruation cycle. This is the very reason why the use of reusable cotton pads is strongly advised by experts since they do not have any chemical load, thus, they prevent diseases such as toxic shock syndrome from arising.

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