5 Great Ways to Handle Online Reviews as a Business

As a business owner, there are times when your business will record more sales based on some positive reviews. There are other times when negative reviews will have its impact on your business.

Online review management is important for every business owner, and here are 5 great ways to do that.

1.Keep track of online reviews

It is almost impossible to make the most of online reviews if you cannot keep track of them. The first step to handling these reviews properly is to create a system that tracks them. There are businesses that operate on different platforms, and that means reviews can be given on all of these platforms. To effectively make the most of these reviews, you should track them. When tracking, ensure you don’t take only the good and leave out the bad, every review should be tracked.

2.Be opened to all kind of reviews

Where many businesses fail, especially startups, is that they always expect that every review will be a good review. As such, they tend to be opened only to the good reviews and ignore the bad ones. If you’re a business owner that does this, the chances are that your business may not go far. If you are going to handle your online business reviews appropriately, then you must be opened to receive them as they come – good or bad.

3.Respond only if you have to

After you must have received these reviews, read through carefully to decide how best you should respond to the reviews. Knowing what review to respond to, and which to ignore is a skill every business owner must possess. If it is a good review, you can thank the receiver and ask them to keep patronizing your business. By doing so, you can turn your everyday customers into loyal ones. If it is a bad review, restate the facts, apologize where necessary, and promise to do better. This way, you have not only showcased strength, but interest in the customer as well.

4.Filter the reviews to make adjustments

While it is important that you must be opened to all kinds of reviews from customers, you also have to know how to filter these reviews. After filtering the reviews, you can sieve on a screen of truth and pick only the good that comes through. Avoid dwelling on the good reviews for long even though they are needed for encouragement. Also take out time to go through the bad reviews, pick the good that comes through from them as well, and make adjustments where necessary.

5.Avoid posting fake reviews

There are many online businesses that are in the act of paying people to post fake reviews. As a business owner who wants to manage reviews effectively, you should avoid posting fake reviews. To build a successful online business, trust and accountability have to be the foundation. Your focus as a business owner should be on delivering quality products and services not posting fake reviews.

Handling online reviews is as important as managing every other part of the business. You have to keep track of reviews, be opened to them, respond and make adjustments where necessary, and avoid posting fake reviews.

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